Hunts Grove

When completed Hunts Grove will comprise of approximately 2,500 homes, a local centre with retail and community uses, a large employment area, a primary school, sports and play facilities and allotments.

With Crest Nicholson as master developer, Hunts Grove is being created with Crest’s Garden Village Principles at its core.

The Crest Nicholson Garden Village Principles

The Crest Nicholson Garden Village principles include a focus on lifestyle and legacy that will require long-term, high-quality management of community assets.

Hunts Grove will be designed to provide all the components of a vibrant and cohesive community, including generous facilities for leisure, sport and play.

Also in accordance with the Garden Village principles, it is proposed that the green spaces across the development should not be adopted by the local authority, but managed and maintained as assets for the community, providing a long-term basis for encouraging communal activity and community spirit.

A Hunts Grove Residents Management Company has been established as an alternative approach to the adoption of green spaces and other communal amenities. Over time, responsibility for those amenities will be transferred to the community that benefits directly from them, through their Residents’ Management Company (RMC).

Entwining the Garden Village principles with legacy land ownership

At Hunts Grove, however, there is a difference: the areas of amenity land that will not be transferred to individual property owners, and which are intended to be used and enjoyed collectively, will be retained by the original landowner. 

The Hunts Grove RMC has a long-term lease over its communal amenities – as a result, the amenities are then maintained and funded through an annual service charged paid to the RMC by all property owners and businesses at Hunts Grove.

Property owners and businesses, as members of the RMC, are empowered to determine how the communal amenities are used, cared for and developed in perpetuity within their own community.

The role of Preim in delivering this unique Garden Village vision

“We at Crest Nicholson have certain core beliefs with regards to building a sustainable community. Preim also have the same beliefs. We work very well together in partnership.”
Andrew Dobson, Managing Director of Crest Nicholson’s Strategic Projects Division

‘Your residents management company’

Preim’s extensive experience delivering a community-ownership model across many UK developments made us ideal candidates to support the delivery of the Hunts Grove Garden Village vision.

A feature of Hunts Grove will be lots of natural green spaces; Preim’s role will be to keep these amenities looking great. We will work with residents to integrate the new build with the established areas and build a legacy of which to be proud.

Working closely with Crest Nicholson to deliver its garden village principles, Preim will also have full-time grounds maintenance teams in place at Hunts Grove as the development grows.

If you are a developer, keen to learn more about a community-ownership model, growing community engagement, or green space management and placemaking initiatives, contact Andrew New, director at Preim. Andrew would be delighted to hear from you: +44 (0)1778 382210