Preim utilises the latest estate management technology, to ensure everybody involved in the management of your community has the information they require, when they need it.

Preim manages over 15,000 homes on 140 estates across England and Wales. Estates range from just a few homes to garden villages with plans for 100's of homes and lots of community assets.

Choosing Preim as your managing agent

If you are an existing residents’ company or have recently taken over the management of your community from a developer, you may be considering sourcing a managing agent to help you set up your own resident company model, or you may be seeking assistance in finding alternatives to your present company model.

Preim provides a customer-support driven service with the ability and proven track record of long term management of spaces. We specialise in outdoor space maintenance and have many years estates and management experience which means we are well placed to provide a comprehensive residential property management service for you.

Benefits of using Preim

By using a managing agent such as Preim you will have the peace of mind of knowing your community and all of its assets are in the best possible hands.

Our experience of delivering high quality services to communal ownership schemes similar to yours, means we can provide you with the best possible proposition. You also benefit from knowing we are an ARMA-Q accredited managing agent.

While every development and community is different from the next, here is a summary of the services we provide as part of our Preim resident company model and how it could work for you.

A flexible approach

If you are considering a “Switch to Preim” we would love to sit down and discuss your own unique requirements with you. If necessary, we are able to refine our existing models in order to suit your own particular needs.

We realise the importance of establishing a model that provides you with an efficient and cost-effective service. This will be at the crux of the partnership on which we work with you.

For a better insight into how this partnership could work, read about our work with Annington Homes.

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