How Preim's community asset stewardship model is evolving.

Good governance of infrastructure

How Preim's community asset stewardship model is evolving

Preim are one of the UK's leading estates management company

Giving people control over their environment


Preim is the first choice for developers who want to work with a professional and trusted residential property managing agent.

We believe passionately that community assets, private infrastructure and green spaces can be managed in such a way that brings communities together.

Preim has the experience and proven ability to provide both a sustainable and robust maintenance service alongside an effective community engagement plan.

The end result is the creation of developments and garden villages that provide long lasting communities, building legacies for the future. In essence, place making for the generations to come.

How Preim works with developers

Preim will work with lead developers and their developer partners, where appropriate, to provide seamless and pro-active support from the very outset of planning for a new property development scheme.

We provide unrivalled private infrastructure support having worked with some of our existing clients for the past 14 years, providing on-going property management services to 12,000-plus properties on more than 160 estates across the UK.

Combined with this is the unique approach we bring to community engagement. We recognise that, as responsible developers, our clients want to create developments that work, not only for today but also for the generations ahead. Our community engagement initiatives mean we can pro-actively deliver this by building engagement and empowerment.


Watch our video from Tadpole Garden Village, an award-winning Crest Nicholson development, to discover more about how we work with developers.

The benefits of working with Preim

Our expertise is based on our belief that we are all place makers – together with our development partners we are creating sustainable communities, a legacy for the future.

We base our methods and delivery on an holistic ethos which puts good governance, transparency and openness first.

Our experience of real estate management and administering resident companies and garden villages means we know the true importance of community assets and how to maximise them for the benefit of the entire development demographic.

We also place huge emphasis on longevity. These are not quick fixes, our work is based upon building infrastructure and community initiatives that are robust and solid. Sustainable facilities management and long lasting community engagement are key.

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