Preim was started in 2011 by people who passionately believe property, estates and community assets can be managed better, in a way that brings communities together

Preim utilises the latest estate management technology, to ensure everybody involved in the management of your community has the information they require, when they need it.

Preim manages over 15,000 homes on 140 estates across England and Wales. Estates range from just a few homes to garden villages with plans for 100's of homes and lots of community assets.

About us

At Preim we help residents to build and shape sustainable communities, where people love living.

Our story

We began our journey as an estate management company in 2011, a team of infrastructure experts, who passionately believed that community assets, private infrastructure and green spaces could be managed better – and in a way that could help to bring communities together.

Today, we remain committed to our original beliefs and values. In the early days, we worked closely with Annington Homes and their residents who lived on former MoD estates across the UK. During that time, we supported Annington Homes as their estate management company in developing and implementing their residents’ company model: the model was based upon residents owning community assets (such as green spaces or private roads) through their membership in a residents’ management company. The result was that residents had ownership of their community amenities, thanks to a robust and transparent model that also saw the maintenance of those amenities funded through a service charge so they could continue to be used and enjoyed.

Over time, the residents’ company model has evolved – as have we, and the estate management services we deliver. Today, we work with all of the national housebuilders and have particularly strong relationships with placemakers such as Annington Homes, Crest Nicholson, Urban & Civic and The Larkfleet Group. We work closely with each of these developers to set the model in motion at their new developments, or to help with its implementation or management in existing communities.

As an estate management company, we specialise in:

Community engagement – we work with residents and developers to help create a community spirit that stands the test of time. We have been fortunate to work with those that have a vision for communities that stimulate growth, engagement and a sense of pride. Whether we are supporting with the administration and finances of a residents’ management company or employing a community mobiliser, we use a range of strategies to foster a sense of community that is so integral to creating a place where people love to live.

Placemaking and building legacies – we know that many developers will pride themselves on their placemaking strategies, which aim to create a positive legacy for them in the years to come, long after building works have been completed. That’s why we have become experts in understanding the complexities – and benefits – of a community ownership model, alongside a sustainable, long-term strategy to ensure developments always look as great as when they were first created.

Placekeeping – the maintenance of green spaces and community amenities is vitally important if neighbourhoods are to continue enjoy using them. That’s why our placekeeping services form the backbone of our estate management services: placekeeping is the long-term management of public spaces, making them usable and an asset to a community.

You can read more about why our placekeeping services go hand-in-hand with a placemaking strategy here

We deliver a blend of these services for over 15,000 homes within 200 developments, including large scale garden villages, smaller communities, regeneration projects and sustainable urban developments.

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What makes Preim different?

We are justly proud of our achievements to date, and a lot of those achievements are because we do not consider ourselves to be like any other estate management company. We always aim for residents and developers alike to think of us as trustworthy and engaged, whilst providing expertise in the complexities of estate management and community ownership that many other firms cannot offer.

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If you have any questions about the work we deliver, or the approach we take please do not hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to speaking with you.