How Preim's community asset stewardship model is evolving.

Good governance of infrastructure

How Preim's community asset stewardship model is evolving

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Giving people control over their environment

Adding value to a new homes development – Larkfleet Homes

Oakham Heights is a development of 1000 homes at Oakham in Rutland.

Larkfleet Homes controls the land as lead developer and has constructed and sold approximately 150 homes to date. Larkfleet has also sold two land parcels, the first to Bellway Homes and the second to Persimmon Homes/Charles Church. Each developer is building approximately 200 homes.

Within this new community there will be commercial, retail and healthcare areas. The green spaces across the development comprise approximately 30 acres with amenity areas, sports pitches, play areas (NEAP’s LEAP’s and MUGA’s), wetlands and allotments.

House purchasers automatically become members of the Oakham Heights’ residents’ company, which owns and has responsibility for maintaining the green spaces.

Preim is supporting Larkfleet and its developer partners and will administer the residents’ company on behalf of members.

We have also helped Larkfleet to ‘mobilise’ the community, using our dedicated Community Mobiliser to help people moving onto the development to meet and get to know their neighbours.

We have used a wide a range of methods to communicate with residents, co-ordinate events, and generally keep the community informed and bring it together. These include, the Oakham Heights’ website and newsletters.

As the development grows we will provide a continuous site presence delivering general estate maintenance works as well as setting up initiatives that encourage residents to get involved in their local environment. This enables us to work proactively with residents and to act as their ‘eyes and ears’ of the community.

Maintaining great presentation of the green spaces will not only enhance residents’ well-being, it continues to add value to the estate.



“Preim is helping to create an environment that supports Larkfleet and our partner house builders in developing and selling homes that attract new residents, and will maintain future equity.

“The residents’ company model gives us the flexibility to hand over other
non-adoptable assets, including sustainable technology, that we may develop in the future.”


A growing community

To help develop a sense of community, we are using the allotment gardens as a focus. This provides opportunities for people to come together in shared activities, as well as linking with local organisations outside the development.

DSC_0244 Oakham heights food co-op at allotments Creating a local food co-op