Our Service Promise

This page describes the service that we will provide for you as your managing agent. If you would like more information on your residents’ company and the relationship with Preim, please click here.


Preim provides:

  • a telephone helpline, open 24/7, 365 days per year
  • a Customer Account Manager acting as your estate’s dedicated point of contact
  • a dedicated website, giving shareholders/members information about the residents’ company

Managing the open spaces and other communal assets to an agreed specification

Preim will:

  • appoint and monitor all tradespeople and contractors
  • organise planned or reactive maintenance works
  • publish individual works specifications on the residents’ company website

Managing residents’ company finances

Preim will:

  • produce annual budgets as the basis of the annual service charge
  • invoice and collect the annual service charge from members, and manage any debts
  • publish monthly income and expenditure management accounts on the residents’ company website
  • pay invoices for services provided by suppliers on behalf of the residents’ company
  • arrange an independent annual audit of the residents’ company accounts
  • provide financial reports

Running the residents’ company

Preim will:

  • fulfil the legal role of Company Secretary
  • hold an annual meeting, attended by the Preim Customer Account Manager
  • take minutes of the annual meeting and publish them on the website
  • hold a register of freeholders and leaseholders and keep a record of any company changes
  • arrange and maintain any insurance (such as public liability) required by the residents’ company
  • liaise with vendors’ and purchasers’ solicitors and respond to queries in connection with buying or selling properties on the development or estate (for an additional fee)

What we promise to you First class grounds maintenance service  Commited to service