For many years landowners have used land sales and planning permissions for residential development to maximise the value of their land. 

However, perhaps some landowners are beginning to think differently about their legacy.

They want to create further value from their assets but to leave a real and positive legacy for both themselves and generations to come.

For the Lord Fisher estate in Thetford, that is exactly what they wanted to achieve -and they have chosen to work with Preim to help realise their vision.

Working with the estate, Preim will deliver:

  • Community engagement initiatives
  • Green space maintenance
  • Community infrastructure management
  • Support for administering and managing a community-ownership model

Building a legacy

Still in the early days of the development, the new community in Thetford promises to be one that delivers homes – not just houses – and a real investment in a sustainable, self-sufficient community. The development  follows a landowner infrastructure – ownership model, whereby the landowner retains control  as to how the community develops, is managed and maintained, along with where the service charges paid by homeowners is spent.

Altogether, this promises to deliver a positive legacy for the landowner and homeowners alike with a development that showcases the real value of a legacy and a community with plentiful amenities.

If you are a developer, keen to learn more about building a positive legacy at your communities, contact Andrew New, director at Preim. Andrew would be delighted to hear from you: +44 (0)1778 382210