Locking Moor

Locking Moor is a former Annington development in Weston-Super-Mare with a focus on plentiful green space and a sustainable future for the growing community.

As a result, a community-ownership model with placekeeping and green space management is crucial for the Locking Moor vision – and Preim is on hand to help deliver just that.

The Weston-Super-Mare estate is a great example of how Preim’s relationship with homeowners has developed further once the development has been handed over to homeowner/stakeholder control.

Delivering community ownership

Preim has been instrumental in helping the Locking Moor community set up and manage its Residents’ Management Company.

The Residents’ Management Company (RMC) model revolves around the principle that the ownership of key amenities is transferred from landowners and developers to the community that benefits directly from them. The RMC is a registered company that guides maintenance and community initiatives.

As a result, the RMC model was perfect for Locking Moor – it provided a tried and tested way to help residents influence the community’s future and create a positive legacy for the developer.

You can read more about the Locking Moor RMC model and its success at an Annual General Meeting here

As for Preim’s role – customer account manager, Giuseppe Bernadis, explains:

“A huge part of Preim’s work involves working with Residents’ Management Companies and, as a result, we’ve seen lots of successes and learning curves. We’re able to share that knowledge with all the RMCs we work with, just like at Locking Moor.”

Placekeeping at Locking Moor

The Locking Moor RMC acknowledges that its primary purpose is to ensure the management of communal assets for the long-term – helping to achieve a sustainable community. As a result, Preim supports the RMC with the delivery of green space and amenity maintenance – helping with placekeeping as well as community ownership at Locking Moor.

The maintenance delivered by Preim is directed by the RMC and uses residents’ service charges to fund the work.

If you are a developer, keen to learn more about a community-ownership model and placemaking initiatives, contact Andrew New, director at Preim. Andrew would be delighted to hear from you: Andrew.New@preim.co.uk +44 (0)1778 382210