How we engage a new community

At Oakham Heights we used our Community Mobiliser to help people moving onto the development to meet and get to know their neighbours.

We used a range of communication methods, social media and informal newsletters suitable for a wide age range, to engage with people and to organise both face-to-face and non face-to-face activities.

As the number of homeowners increases on a development we can help people understand and develop ideas around what it is they want to do with their community.

Typical events that we have undertaken include:

  • Coffee Mornings
  • Mum and toddler get togethers
  • Neighbourhood help for gardening
  • Neighbourhood watch
  • Providing a directory supporting residents businesses
  • Quiz nights
  • Chinese and Indian nights
  • Walking and running groups

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How to engage a community

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community events

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Every new development is a blank canvas with endless possibilities for social interaction to help build a thriving community where people love living.