Working with local businesses to deliver a quick and reliable estate management service

Monday 27th January 2020

Sustainability has always been at the core of Preim’s business approach – whether that is in supporting healthy, happy and self-sufficient communities, or in working with local businesses wherever possible to deliver estate works.

Our recent partnership with Kilnwood Property Maintenance Ltd is a fantastic example of just that – with Phil Szabo, owner of the West Sussex business, living on the Kilnwood Vale estate.

Working with Kilnwood Property Maintenance Ltd

Phil first got in touch with Preim when he was working at a property on the development:

“A resident got in touch with me last year as he was looking to get a balcony added to his ground floor flat. To make sure the work was compliant with the estate rules, I got in touch with Preim to let them know about the plans,” Phil explained.

As a resident at Kilnwood Vale, Phil already knew of Preim as the development’s estate management company and through paying his service charge. To progress the work on his neighbour’s balcony, Phil was put in touch with Simon New – Preim’s account manager for Kilnwood Vale.

“Once the works were completed, I got in touch with Simon so he could pop round to check the fabric of the building hadn’t been affected. He was happy with the work and explained that Preim was always looking for local businesses to work with, to help deliver estate maintenance. I was well placed, being a Kilnwood Vale resident, and the introduction between Preim and my business started from there.”

Building a sustainable approach to estate management

Liaising with Simon to complete Preim’s Contractor Approval process, Phil ensured he got the correct business insurance and risk assessments to start working on behalf of Preim and the Kilnwood Vale Residents Management Company. Since then, in September 2019, Phil has delivered a number of services at Kilnwood Vale – from repairing locks for bin stores, through to working with his electrician on emergency lighting in communal areas.

“We always want to work with local businesses that deliver a great service wherever possible,” explained Simon. “So, when the opportunity came up for us to meet and work with Phil, we were keen to get things up and running. The result has been great – residents are pleased to see us supporting local businesses, the quality of work has been excellent and they are also reassured by Phil’s quick response times. From an environmental perspective too, we’re cutting out travel and, of course, supporting local businesses to grow.”

For Phil, he’s pleased to see the name of his business getting out there and hopes that it will progress on to more work in the future.

“It’s really positive that Preim are looking to work with local businesses, like myself. I’m enjoying the work and I’ve met other local contractors at Kilnwood Vale too, so it’s been good to all come together and help each other out when needed.”

If you are contractor, and if you would be keen to learn more about working with Preim, please do get in touch with us here.