Welcoming our new customer account manager Shaun Mundy

Monday 1st March 2021

Resident focus will be a priority for our new customer account manager Shaun Mundy

Shaun Mundy
Client Delivery

We are delighted to welcome Shaun Mundy to the Preim team, as our new customer account manager.

Shaun, who joined the company at the beginning of 2021, is already looking and planning ahead with his own creative ways to support residents at a number of our estates, garden villages and urban extensions– quite literally!

“I have arranged my diary six months in advance to allow myself more time to answer residents’ questions,” said Shaun.

“I prefer to call residents in person on the phone rather than go back and forth over email. Communication is extremely important, and I am allowing time at the end of each working day to make these calls.”

Looking forward to diversity

As well as being in constant communication with residents, Shaun is responsible for the upkeep and day-to-day running of our villages; which includes overseeing maintenance, liaising with contractors and managing budgets and events.

Shaun will be bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the role, having worked previously as an area manager and property manager for the UK’s largest leasehold management company. He also holds an Associate Institute of Residential Property Management (AIRPM) qualification.

He is now relishing a new challenge and looking forward to the diversity that comes hand in hand with the role – and one which he knows brings huge responsibility. “I really enjoy how each day is different; and getting to know the residents that live in the garden villages I manage is a real bonus,” he added.

“It is very satisfying to know that I am making a difference to where people have chosen to live – and all of my decisions affect their lives.”

From managing leasehold properties, mainly comprising blocks of flats with minimal green space, Shaun will now oversee a number of Preim’s communities  – including Monksmoor Park in Northamptonshire; which enjoys green spaces woodland, allotments, ponds and play areas.

Keeping residents informed and updated

Residents will be kept up to date on events and activities through regular newsletters and updates on their Community App. “I will also let residents know when I am visiting to allow them the opportunity to walk the development with me to point out issues, as soon as Covid-restrictions allow,” added Shaun.

He also plans to meet with the relevant steering committees and directors on a regular basis to update residents on current and future works.

And when he isn’t working, sports fan Shaun plays second row for his local rugby team and enjoys looking after his year-old German Shepherd Malamute.