Welcoming three new members to the growing Preim team

Wednesday 24th February 2021

It has been a time like no other to welcome new team members to Preim. Yet, in the last few months, we have had the pleasure of welcoming not one, but three new individuals to our team of experts.

The onboarding process may have been more remote than expected, and we have had to get to know each other over Zoom rather than in the office, but it’s safe to say we’re delighted to have Jemima, Amanda and Rita join Preim.

Here we share a little bit more about our three new team members, what they bring to Preim and how they will be working with you, whether you’re a developer, resident or contractor.

Amanda Webb – Company Secretarial Senior Paralegal

Amanda Webb
Business Support

Amanda joined Preim in late 2020, bringing with her an interesting mix of experience – both with managing agents and in conveyancing.

Amanda was admitted as a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Legal Executives (CILEx) in July 2011. Working with solicitors including Taylor Rose and smaller high street firms, such as Double & Megson, Amanda began working in conveyancing in 2003.

“Working on a developer’s panel at Taylor Rose meant I worked with a lot of clients purchasing new builds and advising on documentation. In the process I become familiar with the set up of management companies,” Amanda explained. “That experience is really useful now working at Preim, working with community management companies more intrinsically.”

When Amanda saw the role at Preim she thought it was a great opportunity to do something slightly different from day-to-day conveyancing: “The role at Preim has enabled me to make a move into a different area of property. I knew I didn’t want to just transition to another solicitors firm but I wanted a role where my conveyancing experience was still beneficial – the job at Preim is the perfect fit.

“On top of that, Preim wants to do good by its residents and create a true sense of community. That really appealed to me.”

In her role at Preim Amanda acts as a representative for management companies and will often speak with homeowners and conveyancers about questions regarding the purchasing or sale of a home.

Preim is at the centre of maintaining community management companies. Amanda explained, “homeowners, understandably, ask questions around how service charges and fees are spent and it can be easy for people to overlook the importance of maintaining the management company when it comes to sales and transfers of property. Preim does a fantastic job of maintaining community assets, but there is definitely more to Preim than simply cutting the grass. They play such an important background role in ensuring management companies are set up properly and running efficiently, for the good of the entire community.”

Although Amanda joined Preim during lockdown, with time in the office limited, she says the role has lived up to expectations so far.

“There’s great communication between the team at Preim, and Andrew and Neil have been really supportive. The team are so welcoming.”

When things return to normal, Amanda is looking forward to getting to know the team more at the Preim offices. Outside of work Amanda loves to travel (when able to!). Having studied French & European Studies in Liverpool she’s eager to visit the city once again – and hopefully head back to France for a holiday too!


Rita Bell – Client Finance, Credit Control

We are fortunate to have welcomed Rita Bell to the team in late 2020 too, bringing another dimension to our finance team.

Rita Bell
Business Support

Having worked previously for a small building maintenance company, Rita is familiar with taking on many roles within a business – helping wherever she could and excelling in customer service. Wanting to advance her career, Rita completed her accountancy studies and went on to a number of accounts assistant roles, working primarily in credit control, purchase ledgers and financial reporting.

Becoming qualified from the Association of Accounting Technicians in 2020 and with a business management qualification, Rita joined the Preim team in November 2020 bringing with her excellent customer service, accountancy skills and a team player attitude.

Upon joining Preim, Rita immediately felt a part of the team.

“It can be difficult to build relationships in a new office during normal times, let alone during a pandemic,” Rita said. “But everyone at Preim has been super friendly and I’m really impressed by how professional everyone is.”

Liaising with legal, accounts and customer account management teams at Preim, Rita has worked particularly closely with Sam and Marco so far – both mentoring and supporting her in the role.

“My primary responsibility at Preim is to liaise with residents about service charge payments. I really focus on understanding the homeowner’s perspective, whilst keeping in mind how important it is that every service charge is paid for the health of the community’s management company. It can be a challenging role but very rewarding when I can work with residents to find a good resolution.”

Over time, Rita will also help with some of the processes and procedures in credit control as Preim grows. “It’s another dimension to the role that I’m looking forward to,” Rita added.

Outside of work, and much like Amanda, Rita is looking forward to travelling again when normality returns. For now, though, she enjoys taking her dogs for long walks at the seaside and is keen to get back to hosting barbeques and dinners with friends and family as soon as she can.


Jemima – Assistant Customer Account Manager

After previously working as office manager at Preim in 2017, Jemima is pleased to return to Preim following completion of her degree and to work as part of the family business.

“It’s been very interesting to see how Preim has developed and continues to adapt in the changing environment. The property landscape constantly changes and Preim is adapting to make sure it fits perfectly with what communities and developers need. To be a part of that process is great,” explained Jemima.

One of the projects that Jemima has been focusing on since joining the team as assistant customer account manager is setting up a new contractor portal, which helps to manage Preim’s database of contractors. The project has been integral in supporting customer account managers to deliver a cost-effective and professional service for communities across England and Wales.

“The project was focused on improving how we manage health and safety throughout the supply chain. We introduced a new platform to manage the process and the health and safety accreditations of the contractors we work with,” Jemima explained.

“Some of the contractors Preim work with have worked with the company over a decade, so it’s really important to us that we keep those contractors on board and continue to build positive relationships with them.

“In the process of getting the platform set up, I’ve been very lucky to work closely with some great contractors. It’s been a part of the job I have particularly enjoyed.”

The project has been a real success with the platform now being integrated with Preim’s other systems.

“The work has alleviated pressure on customer account managers, helping them to manage compliance with contractors in a much more seamless way. It’ll be much easier for customer account managers to have a wider database of contractors to work with, in multiple locations. Communities will benefit from the best value for money with contractors who can provide the best service at the best cost, and are local where possible,” Jemima added.

Bringing with her skills from university from presenting to stakeholders, managing workloads effectively and building positive working relationships, Jemima is further building her transferable skills with a focus on customer service and continuing to focus on supply chain optimisation and management.

During lockdown Jemima is missing the opportunity to have catch ups in the Preim office but is making the most of Zoom coffee mornings with the team when she can.

We’ve been fortunate to welcome a diverse set of new skills to Preim with the addition of Rita, Amanda and Jemima. Our focus has always been, and always will be, on offering the very best service to all stakeholders within a community and we see Rita, Jemima and Amanda, along with the rest of our professional, being vital to achieving that.