Welcoming our new Head of Client Delivery, Oliver Taylor

Thursday 3rd August 2017

Oliver Taylor | Preim

Client delivery at Preim is all about ensuring we deliver a fantastic managing agent service – for developers and residents alike. At the heart of the Preim ethos is good governance, transparency and openness, whilst championing the importance of building sustainable communities.

To help us lead, maintain and continue to progress that ethos, we’re delighted to announce that Oliver Taylor has joined Preim as Head of Client Delivery.

Oliver has over 11 years in estate management, joining Preim in July 2017 from Encore Estate Management. An associate of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and a member of British Institute of Facilities Management and Institute of Residential Property Management, Oliver brings a wealth of expertise to the team.

Creating communities

One of the reasons Preim appealed to Oliver was our approach to placemaking and creating communities. Oliver explained: “In their capacity as managing agent, Preim really put an emphasis on community.

“It makes them stand out. There’s no other managing agent doing it quite like Preim and it’s proving crucial as more and more developers look to build not only homes but communities that are desirable places to live. It’s fantastic to be a part of a company that champions the importance of communities – whether that be through a Community Interest Company model or otherwise.”

A new concept to Oliver is that of the community mobilisers that Preim employ to communicate and liaise directly with communities at developments we manage. Oliver explained: “Community mobilisers are a fantastic idea – they really appeal to both developers and residents, bridging a gap between the two. Looking at how they’ve worked for Preim, community mobilisers strike me as so important in establishing communities and managing areas such as steering committees or stakeholder engagement.” 

Delivering a great service for developers and residents

At Preim, Oliver will work with the rest of the client delivery team to ensure efficiency across all of the developments we manage. He’ll work to make sure the management structure is in place to help us build communities and strive to continue to offer a great service to residents and to champion developers’ values.

Oliver said: “In estate management, there’s often a need to tackle different challenges at different developments, employing solutions that suit each community or developer’s need. Preim approach this problem solving with a lot of creativity and the results speak for themselves.

“That’s something I was really looking for in my next new role. It’s going to be great to make a start on things at Preim.

“In previous roles I managed a range of residential and commercial developments, often taking on more challenging estates to get them above the expected standard.”

Andrew New, director at Preim, added: “Every managing agent takes on challenging developments and we’re often tasked with making a real difference not only to the management of the green spaces and allotted amenities but in creating sustainable and empowered communities.

“Oliver’s experience in solving problems at such challenging sites and his track record transforming developments has already proved to be a real asset to Preim.”

A personal, friendly team

Beyond the job in hand, Oliver is also looking forward to being a part of the Preim team: “The team are really personable and welcoming. They’re genuine people and that reflects in how they work with residents and developers.”

Outside of work Oliver is a keen mountain biker – although he does have to travel a little further afield than the flats of Cambridgeshire to enjoy his hobby! He and his young family often head of to the Lake District a couple of times a year to make the most of the great outdoors.

The team at Preim is passionate about creating communities and supporting developers’ visions. Oliver will help us to continue achieving just that – welcome to the team!

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