Welcome to our new community!

Friday 6th March 2015
Monksmoor Park is a wonderful new development, but it’s the people who move into it that make our community come alive. And what a great start!
  • Our very first reservation was made by a young couple who have been working hard to buy their first home, and we are delighted that they chose Monksmoor Park as the place to invest in their future.
  • Our first two couples to move in were also young, first-time buyers. One couple have a little girl and are really looking forward to bringing her up in our ‘garden village’ with its play areas and open spaces.
  • A baby born on the day his parents were due to exchange contracts, another on the way for a couple who have already moved in – this is going to be a great place for mums and dads to share experiences.
  • Pets are part of a family home… so welcome to Titan, who may have a big name but is actually a tiny, fluffy Pomeranian puppy. His owners won’t be short of places to walk and play with him as he grows up!
  • We reserved a house for one couple, chatted about his profession …now he’s using his skills working on site, which is a dream for them and shows how our community can be more than just a home.
“It’s been such a delight helping our lovely new residents through the home-buying process, often for the first time. Personally, I’ve been experiencing many of my own ‘firsts’ with them, so I really feel I’m on the same exciting journey.”
Kerri Grice, Sales Adviser, Crest Nicholson.