New tech & new communities: We talk about the Monksmoor Park app

Friday 11th October 2019

You may have heard that we recently launched a new community app for Northamptonshire development, Monksmoor Park. The app, created in partnership with Crest Nicholson, was created to facilitate residents’ communication with each other and stakeholders – including Preim.

As more and more residents use the Monksmoor Park app, Preim director, Andrew New, spoke to Show House magazine about the rise of app technology in the construction industry – and why Preim has spearheaded the move to introduce apps for new and growing communities.

In the article, journalist Isla Macfarlane explains:

“Apps are powerful beasts because they put collective knowledge and experience in the right hands. They are fast becoming mini oracles of the built environment.

“In June, Crest Nicholson and managing agents Preim created an app designed to help residents at its Monksmoor Park scheme in Daventry stay up to date with the latest development news. The app acts as a messenger between Preim and other community contacts. It also keeps residents in the loop about construction updates and community news.

“Apps such as this were once an afterthought, however, by embedding an app earlier in the build process it can consume more data on a development and ultimately be of more use to residents.”

Watch our video summing up the app and all of its key features here:


Quoted in the Show House article, Andrew added:

“In addition to being able to connect with the managing agent team quickly to resolve issues, we hope the app eventually helps residents manage various aspects of community life here at Monksmoor Park – particularly as more people move to the development. In the future we hope it will develop even further and may even provide a source of revenue to fund community projects with local businesses using it for advertising.”

The Monskmoor Park app is just one example of the innovative ways we work with developers to help them achieve their placemaking vision. From community websites, to introducing community mobilisers and a deep understanding of a residents’ management company model – we aim to always add value above and beyond the typical managing agent service.

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