Video: Garden village and sustainable community principles come to life at opening event

Monday 19th June 2017


Watch our video from Tadpole Garden Village, an award-winning Crest Nicholson development, to discover more about how we work with developers.

On Saturday 22 April we had a wonderful time organising, along with Crest Nicholson, a community event to celebrate the opening of the allotments and two new play parks at Tadpole Garden Village in Swindon.

Over 100 residents turned up to enjoy the event, with ribbon cutting, an Easter egg hunt, face painting, allotments advice from Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and much more. You can read all about the day here.

The importance of community assets

On the day, we had the opportunity to chat to some Tadpole Garden Village residents, along with Chris Tanner, Preim’s community mobiliser for the development, and Andrew Dobson, managing director of Crest Nicholson’s strategic projects division. Watch the video above, showcasing the day and finding out more about why the allotments and play parks are so important to the Tadpole Garden Village community.

As Andrew Dobson explains, the allotment opening was a fantastic success with 100 residents, friends and family turning up. In the interview, Andrew adds that the event “shows how much community spirit there is in Tadpole Garden Village” and that a key reason behind that is “the role of Preim and the community mobiliser”.

Andrew goes on to explore the principles behind creating a community that people want to be a part of:

“You build on your vision, which is garden village principles and then you start to deliver key community infrastructure, like the school, like the bus service, which [Crest Nicholson] delivered two years early.”

Events like the allotments opening are key to that ethos– something that Crest Nicholson strongly adhere to, as Andrew says:

“We at Crest Nicholson have certain core beliefs with regards to building a sustainable community. Preim also have the same beliefs.”

Watch the video above to hear the full interviews and find out a little bit more Tadpole Garden Village, the community and the allotment opening event.