Tree planting event at Kingsgrove estate

Monday 28th March 2022



At Preim we are passionate about creating garden villages for thousands of residents who enjoy green spaces, sustainability and many other eco-friendly practices.

What’s even more amazing is seeing how the residents then take over our vision and plant their own seeds, quite literally.

This year a new initiative called Queen’s Green Canopy emerged encouraging people to “Plant a Tree for a Jubilee” all across the UK in celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Tree planting is a wonderful way to support the environment but it’s also a great opportunity to bring communities together.



On the 23rd of March a project that the Preim managed Kingsgrove near Wantage saw 420 trees being planted as part of the initiative. This amazing work was done by forty three pupils of Wantage Primary Academy from Year 1,2 and sixteen Sixth-formers from Fitzwaryn Special Educational School who came together in celebration of the Platinum Jubilee.



The event organised by St Modwen was hosted by Cllr Major Jim Sibbald from the Wantage Town Council and saw the attendance of Oxfordshire Lord Lieutenant Mrs Marjorie Glasgow together with many other representatives of the local community.

We’re excited to see how the communities grow in the estates we care for.