The People Behind Preim: Meeting Jenny Bryant

Tuesday 15th January 2019

At Preim we work with a broad range of Resident Management Companies (RMC’s) stakeholders  – from residents, to solicitors to developers. It’s incredibly important that we understand each party involved, their requirements and where they may need additional support. Doing so helps us to provide the best possible service to our customers– particularly when a property on one of the estates we manage is being bought or sold.  

That’s why we were delighted to welcome Jenny Bryant, company secretarial assistant, to Preim in the summer of 2018… 

A rare blend of experience 

Jenny has a rare blend of experience and skills: before joining Preim Jenny worked for many years in conveyancing on both commercial and residential property and previously worked as part of a legal team as assistant company secretary.  

“I have a good knowledge of being in both camps. I understand solicitors really  well and I know the residents’ management company model. So I am ideally placed to be able to support residents, particularly when going through the buying and selling process which can be quite stressful at times,” Jenny explained.  

A graduate member of the Chartered Institute for Legal Executives, Jenny has experience of managing her own case load – all of which is extremely useful for her role at Preim: 

“My experience allows me to help with such a wide range of different scenarios at Preim. For example, I can help when dealing with potential sales of land and the dividing title deeds right through to registering RMC with Companies House or changing the directors for an RMC,” said Jenny.  

Understanding the Residents’ Management Company model 

When working on  a wide range of garden villages and developments across the UK, which adopt the RMC or a community interest company model, it’s incredibly important for the Preim team to be able to explain the model to solicitors and residents alike.  

“Some solicitors and residents I speak with seek reassurance that properties within an RMC-model development are actually still freehold. For many, the RMC model is new to them but it’s something I – and Preim as a company – have extensive experience in.  

Jenny’s unique perspective is something that our stakeholders find extremely helpful:  

“I do feel that my approach, with knowledge of the whole process, is beginning to  bear fruit – as a number of residents and solicitors have contacted me  to express their thanks for the support I was able to give. Which gives me great job satisafaction” 

Developing Preim’s support services IT 

Jenny explained, “We know that sometimes where there is an RMC involved the interaction between managing agents and solicitors in the home buying and selling process isn’t great.  

“One of my new challenges is to help develop and set-up an IT process that will help address this issue and which we believe will give a whole new customer conveyancing experience, when there is an RMC involved. This is really exciting and it’s great to be involved – so do please watch this space!”  

In line with Preim’s values 

Jenny’s approach aligns perfectly with Preim’s values too. As a company Preim has always been dedicated to being understanding, fair and ethical. 

Jenny continued, “My aim is to always maintain a good relationship with residents – whether they are buying or selling a property at a Preim managed estate – or with solicitors who have questions they would like answered.  

“Although my role at Preim is a very busy one, I always take the time to make sure people have the information they require – it’s a reflection of Preim as a company and it works wonders for the long term.  

“We always strive to advise people fully and properly.” 

Keeping up the pace outside of work  

Even with a busy day of work at Preim, Jenny keeps up the pace in her free time too.  

A keen runner, Jenny completed the Edinburgh marathon this year – and received entry to the London Marathon for April 2019, having completed the Edinburgh race in the ‘Good for Age’ category! A brilliant achievement, Jenny is dedicated to her training, doing the local Folksworth 15-miler in January 2019 too (although she’s hoping there won’t be a blizzard like the 2018 race…!).  

Just thinking about all of that running has made us feel exhausted!  

To learn more about Preim’s team of residential estate management experts, visit our Meet The Team page.