Summer event at the Kilnwood Vale development

Tuesday 12th July 2022


Preim was delighted to be able to attend the summer event at the Kilnwood Vale development in Horsham. The sun was shining bright and lots of residents attended to enjoy the event held in one of the schemes fantastic areas of open space.

The Residents Committee did a fantastic job of organising the event, and coordinating proceedings on the day. Its fantastic to work with a Committee who put such a lot of time and effort (on a voluntary basis!) into helping ensure the development and the community spirit thrive. So a huge “well done” to them.

Preim was in attendance to answer any questions residents may have regarding the management of the development and their management company. It’s always great to be able to meet our customers face to face, especially in such great surroundings on days like this.

Preim has been managing agent at Kilnwood Vale since 2016, having taken over from another agent who was struggling to deliver. Over the past 6 years Preim have overseen the handover of many phases of the development from house builders, and will continue to do so until the development is completed in years to come.