Summer and the natural lifecycle 

Monday 11th July 2022

Summertime brings joy to people as it’s finally the time to spend the holidays with friends and family. However, while we enjoy the sun and relaxation the nature around us runs its own cycle of growth and survival.

Some of the residents at a Preim managed estate in Rugby (pictured below) may have seen webs on the trees and hedges during their walks and wondered what is happening to the plants, asking themselves if there is an infestation of spiders on their development!

Preim’s site maintenance contractor commented “the webs are created by hungry caterpillars to protect them from predators, while they feed on the leaves. The webs should gradually disappear over the summer months. All plants will recover and come back into bloom during the summer”.

It’s great working with contractors who are so knowledgeable on the wildlife, and we hope that residents will feel comfortable walking around the estate knowing that nature is being allowed to flourish.