A success! Parking initiative shows the power of localism

Tuesday 22nd November 2016

A few years ago, in one of our first stories, we explained car parking could be a real issue for home owners living on former MoD estates that we manage.

Directors and residents at Arborfield Mews Residents Management Company Limited (AMRCL), a handed over company, decided they would try and do something about the limited car parking on their Estate. They wanted to utilise existing communal land to provide 51 additional car parking spaces.

Preim supported AMRCL, by taking their layout ideas and developing them sufficiently to manage the design and costing including land valuation of a car parking solution, which is safe, technically robust, environmentally aware and minimises land use.

Following a full consultation with residents it was agreed that Preim would submit a planning application to Wokingham Borough Council on behalf of AMRCL.

And we did.

It certainly wasn’t straight forward and it took a couple of go’s to address the Council’s concerns around the proximity of existing trees and their seeking a betterment to the landscaping on the Estate.

But we persevered and we got there.

I am pleased to say that after 2 years and 3 months Wokingham Borough Council issued a planning permission for a change of use from communal land to 51 car parking spaces.

Arborfield Mews additional car parking space

Arborfield Mews will soon have additional car parking space

Now comes the really challenging part as to how, or indeed, will the residents progress; watch this space!

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