Spring in full bloom over the Oakham estate.

Thursday 19th May 2022

Warmer and longer sunny days are now putting a big smile on people’s faces all across the nation.

For some it means catching up with friends in the beer garden and others getting their green thumb hat on and getting their garden ready for the new season.

We recognise that in the winter season when people are looking for an opportunity to stay home and cosy up with a cup of tea, the work that’s been put into the outdoor spaces is not always as visible.

However, the seeds we plant with our local organisations throughout the year puts a big smile on our faces when we see spring blooming across our estates.

But how do we recognise that the spring has sprung?

The most common sign is pictured above. It’s the sight of abundance of yellow daffodils.

It is with special thanks to the local council for both donating and planting the bulbs.

Located at one of the entrances to the Oakham development, the residents passing by get the opportunity to brighten their day with this sight, as well as all of those heading down to the play park with their kids.

The image is a fantastic reflexion of how the green spaces make such an impact on people’s living experience.

We wish that all the residents in the estates we manage will find that moment of joy in the outdoors this spring time.