Remembrance display at Wyton on the Hill

Thursday 14th November 2019

Rememberance Day 2019, Wyton, Preim

It can often be underestimated how much work goes into creating a community display or event – so our praise goes to the Wyton community for pulling together to create a fantastic Remembrance Day poppy display.

Organised with the buy in from numerous groups, including the Wyton on the Hill Parish Council and Wyton Residents’ Company, the display was certainly a team effort. Residents helped to create crosses and poppies and even turned up in the rain to build the display.

We, at Preim, helped the community to make use of the land owned by their residents’ company – Wyton Residents’ Company Ltd – to showcase the display. The Wyton on the Hill community consists of private, social and military housing – with parties such as the MOD and Annington Homes all involved in the development. Displays such as these show the benefit of a joint residents’ management company, allowing the community to pull together and put something place that matters to them.

Sam Sharp, from the Wyton on the Hill Parish Council, said: “Where do we even begin?! With a massive thank you I think! Thank you to those who have made us poppies, the school for encouraging the children to make poppies and the youth club for sharing their poppies with us.”

You can see more about the display and Remembrance Day service on the community’s Facebook page.