Preim Applauds Government Initiative: Integrating Greenspaces in New Housing Developments

Wednesday 3rd April 2024

As a Managing Agent with a specific focus on freehold housing estates, we were delighted to read about the recent government initiative that will ensure more greenspaces are incorporated into new housing developments.

Every significant housing project must now contribute a minimum 10% benefit towards nature, marking England as the pioneer in enshrining Biodiversity Net Gain into law. This groundbreaking legislation, embedded within the forward-thinking Environment Act, serves as a cornerstone in fulfilling the government’s pledge to halt species decline by 2030.

Developers across England must now ensure a minimum 10% rise in biodiversity accompanies major construction projects. While numerous housing developers have already embraced Biodiversity Net Gain, acknowledging its dual advantages for both people and the environment is a great step towards enhancing the quality of life for residents and promoting environmental sustainability.

As advocates for holistic community well-being, we recognise the profound impact of greenspaces on both the aesthetic appeal of a living community and the mental health of residents. Access to green areas close to homes not only enriches the visual landscape but also provides invaluable opportunities for relaxation, recreation, and connection with nature.

We already work closely with developers, local authorities and maintenance contractors to ensure the effective management and maintenance of greenspaces within our managed communities.

Through our proactive estate management strategies, we aim to always cultivate thriving neighbourhoods where residents can enjoy the many benefits of nature right on their doorstep.

With the government’s announcement and our dedication to community well-being, we look forward to creating sustainable, green-centric developments that enrich the lives of residents for generations to come.