Praise for Preim as Crest Nicholson wins national sustainable community award

Monday 21st December 2015

Estates and management company Preim has been instrumental in helping one of the UK’s major house-builders secure a national industry award for Best Community Initiative.

Crest Nicholson was named best in the UK for its excellence in achieving ‘a visionary Community Interest Company’ for its Tadpole Garden Village at the Housebuilder Awards in London last month (Nov 2015).

This innovative sustainable community initiative was held up as a shining example of how to create and maintain sustainable communities for the future.

Crest Nicholson works closely with managing agent, Preim, which has played a significant part in the establishment of the Community Interest Company (CIC) and continues to administer it on Crest Nicholson’s behalf. Preim was involved from the earliest days, supporting Crest to shape the CIC structure and to draft the legal documentation in a way that ensured the CIC was robust, transparent and most importantly practical in its implementation”, Crest quoted in their recent press release which can be found here.

Delighted the Tadpole Garden Village Community Interest Company (CIC) development has won national recognition among industry peers, Andrew New, Preim director said:

“We believe passionately that you can utilise the building and maintenance of green spaces and a natural habitat on new developments, as a way of engaging and connecting new communities”.

This resonated with Crest Nicholson and its own vision for delivering its garden village principles and using a CIC model to manage and maintain communal assets.

“We worked with Crest Strategic Projects and regional Crest Nicholson companies to explain the CIC concept to all those interested and to stakeholders (lawyers to plot purchasers) and developed a range of legal and marketing literature that helps to demonstrate the benefits of the CIC model.”

On behalf of Crest Nicholson, Preim also recruited and appointed a community mobiliser to build relationships within this new community and to help people moving into the new garden village, get to know their neighbours.

“The community mobiliser role will evolve” said Andrew, “around the implementation of a community engagement programme that will help ensure the communal assets become part of ‘village’ life”.

“We fulfill the role of managing agent, administering the CIC on behalf of Crest,” added Andrew. “Over time, as the development grows, we will also deliver a continuous caretaker presence and help maintain the garden village in a way that supports Crest and enables it to deliver its legacy.”