Pond maintenance at Rugby Estate | Preim Estates management

Thursday 17th February 2022

Getting ready to step into spring at Houlton

Pond maintenance at Rugby Estate

Pond maintenance at Rugby Estate

Getting our developments ready for spring takes some careful and considered preparation – like at one of Preim’s developments near Rugby, for example. 

With some great potential for the green and open spaces to be enjoyed by residents, a priority for Preim is also the many species of wildlife that make these areas their home. 

One of the key areas on this estate is the ponds and other water features which Preim manage, which have recently undergone their annual maintenance work, overseen by expert ecologists.  

The ponds are home to many Great Crested Newts, who are set to return to their aquatic habitats from March onwards (presenting a great wildlife spotting opportunity for residents, young and old). 

Great Crested Newts are a heavily protected species of Newts. The Newts and their eggs, breeding sites and resting places are protected by law. Preim’s landscapers have worked within specific guidelines to prepare the ponds for enjoyment by visitors while preserving the habitat for the Newts.  

Preim is proud to be working on estates where Newts and other very important species of wildlife are living. We take very seriously the responsibility of helping maintain their environment carefully, to enable them to thrive.  

Specialist machinery in the form of a ‘Truxor’ was used to carry out the work, which included the thinning out of the Bullrush and Typha vegetation.