Preim supports new ways for High Wycombe residents to stay in touch

Thursday 22nd July 2021


WITH more opportunities for meeting people, attending events and socialising in general, we are helping to ensure our Woodcock community at High Wycombe doesn’t miss a thing! 

Keen to ensure that all residents (particular non-Internet users) stay up to date with local news, the Woodcock Steering Committee bought an estate notice board – and Preim volunteers have made the area around it into a colourful and bright space by adding plants and tidying the shrubs.  

Alex Boyer has worked on making the two planters from reclaimed pallets, with, Anna Morant and Suzy Grady arranging the planting and volunteering to keep the new plants watered and looking at their best all summer. We think you will agree that they look stunning! 

Committee secretary Anna said: “The noticeboard and plants were purchased using Woodcock Resident company funds as it is a project that enhances the area for all. I tried to ensure that we had value for money with plants sourced from several outlets and that most are perennial so shouldn’t need replacing each season. My plan is to try and create seasonal themes with the planters to keep the area interesting.” 

The committee also had great take up from a Design a Speed Awareness poster competition for the children on the Avenue. The winning 15mph poster will be made into signs and displayed at prominent locations; with a Smyths Toys gift voucher for the best entry.