App-solutely fantastic! New community app launched for Monksmoor Park

Monday 10th December 2018

Conversation is key to helping a new community grow. Developers want to share news with residents, community events need to be promoted, and neighbours often love the opportunity to meet and chat with one another. Although conversation is of course an old artform, new technology can still play a role in helping it happen.  

That’s why Preim, in partnership with Crest Nicholson, made the decision to launch a new community app for Northamptonshire-based development Monksmoor Park 

The app primarily aims to provide a means for the Monskmoor Park community to be able to readily communicate with each other, with Preim, as the community’s managing agent, and other interested stakeholders. With an array of features, the app includes:  

  • A forum where residents can ask questions or chat about topics of their choice 
  • A place to report issues with communal amenities maintained by Preim, via the Monksmoor Park Community Interest Company  
  • An events calendar, with details of upcoming community events 
  • A list of useful contacts, from Crest Nicholson to the local leisure centre 
  • News from Crest Nicholson with everything from school initiatives to development updates 

Watch the video for the Monksmoor Park community app to learn more about its features:  


A community app designed with residents in mind 

Working closely with the Monksmoor Park Community Interest Company Steering Committee, Preim developed the app to include features that residents would find useful.  

A social area was a big pull, providing a place away from social media where all residents can discuss anything from plans for the development to advice for one another on anything from local shops to Internet providers.  

Beyond that, Preim was keen to provide residents with a quick and easy way to let them know about maintenance issues for communal amenities. The ‘Report a Fault’ feature does exactly that.  

Allowing app users to upload photos directly from their mobile phones, along with a description of the issue, residents can send faults directly to Preim – a process that allows us to make sure residents feel they can communicate with us easily and quickly.  

Community news and event updates 

Building a strong sense of community has always been a part of Crest Nicholson’s vision for Monksmoor Park – indeed, it’s key to their garden village principles.  

Working with Preim to create the app, this was a priority for the developer: the app had to provide a place for residents to easily see a development update or hear news of upcoming community events.  

The app won’t stop there… 

Preim has worked with Crest Nicholson to build a legacy with Monksmoor Park from the very early days of the development. Monksmoor Park’s strong community spirit, beautiful green spaces and communal amenities are all designed to create a place where people love to live, now and for generations to come.  

The app sits as a part of this picture. Over time, the app will be managed by the Monksmoor Park Community Interest Company – treated like any other communal amenity. It will be influenced by the Community Interest Company’s decisions and moulded to suit the development as it grows.  

Already, positive feedback is coming in about the app, and with suggestions for new developments to enhance its functionality in the pipeline – we hope to see it become a staple for the community as Monksmoor Park continues to grow and thrive!