Monksmoor Park, home to its very own public art!

Monday 16th March 2015
The Gerbea Daisy buquet at Monksmoor Park

Martin Herons Daisy tribute to Monksmoor Park community.

The trees may still be bare, but residents at Monksmoor Park now have a giant bouquet of gerbera daisies to brighten up their lives. This exciting installation has just arrived on ‘the green’ and is the estate’s very first piece of public art.

At over 4 metres high the sculpture has been created in stainless steel, specially commissioned by Crest Nicholson for the Monksmoor Park Community Interest Company from artist Martin Heron.

We think its flowing lines and seven flower heads upturned to the sky will make a perfect landmark and centre piece for the growing Monksmoor Park community. Creator, Martin Heron, says: “I produce work that is relevant to its location, enabling a sense of place and a new identity to develop. A focus of my work is to engage with local people, developers, architects, landscapers and
others involved with a project.” And we agree, this work of art should be a focal point of pride for the community.

Martin Heron's 'Daisy' set in Monksmoor Park Garden Village