Monksmoor ducklings rescued by Site Team

Friday 1st May 2015

Pictured below is a proud new Mum  strutting along with her new born flock of baby ducklings this morning at Monksmoor Park, Daventry.

Bordering the Grand Union Canal and Daventry Country Park, the Monksmoor Park Garden Village is a great place  for a family of ducks to wander across.

The Monksmoor ducklings

Local resident Glenn Cameron, was certainly cheered by the site as he recorded the waddling brood navigating the new roads of the development, only to witness several of the ducklings falling into  a gully grating as they tried to follow their mother up a Kerb! No sooner had this happened than passing site workers came to their rescue with an array of spades, crowbars and buckets to access the gullies!

Unperturbed, the men rescued all of the ducklings and saw about rehoming the new family at the heart of the MPGV community, located in the pond adjacent to the Monksmoor Daisy.

May the Monksmoor ducks paddle happily for many years to come.