Joining forces with the local community at Kingsfleet development

Monday 14th August 2023

Ongoing engagement with both residents and local councillors is helping us create a community focused and collaborative place to live at the Kingsfleet development, near Thetford.

As Kingsfleet’s estate management agent, one of our key responsibilities is looking after and maintaining the development’s green and open spaces.

Michael Westwood, Preim’s Regional & Client Manager, with local Town Councillors Kristofer Brooks and Mac MacDonald, when they met at the Kingsfleet development.

Michael Westwood, Preim’s Regional & Client Manager, recently met with local councillors Kristofer Brooks and Mac Macdonald from Thetford Town Council to discuss the development, its community spaces, future management and the wider area.

A particular challenge the three discussed was overflowing dog waste bins in and around the local Blakeney Meadows dog park, which is part of the development and a popular facility for dog loving residents.

Councillor MacDonald said, “Not only was Michael keen to make improvements to the maintenance of the bins, but he is also planning to have the company’s hotline number for any future queries available on an easily accessible noticeboard.

We are a community working together and it is refreshing to see an estate management agent being so proactive and open to engaging with the community in which it works.”

We’re delighted to have now arranged to meet with local town councillors on a rolling quarterly basis to keep engagement a top priority.

In further community collaboration, we’ve helped the Kingsfleet development establish its own steering committee made up entirely of residents who will have the opportunity to help shape the community from the ground up as it builds momentum.

Michael Westwood, said, “At Preim, we believe that managing agents shouldn’t just be present when there is a problem to resolve, but instead be proactive and encourage regular resident involvement and engagement. By building relationships and having open communication channels, we can all work together to build and maintain a great place for residents to live.”

The Kingsfleet development is part of the Thetford Urban Extension, and we’re enjoying watching it quickly grow as residents make the area their own.