Happy residents applaud Preim’s first months as new Managing Agent at large development in Crawley

Friday 25th February 2022

Receiving positive feedback from the residents we serve is what is most important and rewarding to us at Preim – particularly when we are asked to take over from another managing agent due to residents’ dissatisfaction.


Crawley Development

The residents committee at a development of 1,200 properties near Crawley were involved in selecting a new managing agent for their estate as they felt the incumbent agent wasn’t providing them with the service levels they expected, and we are delighted that they chose Preim!

We were thrilled to get the following feedback from the residents committee, and we are committed to keeping up the momentum:

‘There are real signs of intention which is awesome. The feedback from residents so far has been great. Just the basic level of service in terms of getting back to people when you say you would in a timely and efficient, polite manner, and you’ve already blown the previous agent out of the water!! It’s been lovely to read the positive comments on social media, and I’m sure you’re pleased to hear after all the work you guys have put in. Thank you for your continued comms and support, really appreciated.’