Green-fingered James keeps our communal open spaces blooming

Thursday 1st February 2024

We love shining the spotlight on our brilliant employees. This time it’s the turn of James Plant, head grounds person at the Badersfield development and former RAF Coltishall base in Norfolk.

James has been with Preim for a long time – 14 years to be exact. When he started, the company was much smaller!

The variety of the jobs James and his team undertake each week is many and varied. No two days are ever the same.

He looks after the grounds at Badersfield, so the bulk of his job involves cutting grass, spraying weeds, looking after flowerbeds, litter picking and generally keeping the place looking its best.

Being there for the estate residents is also one of James’ key responsibilities and he enjoys being a friendly face that they can approach with any questions. He said,

“We sometimes get odd requests from residents to help move large pieces of furniture and look for lost pets, but we’re happy to lend a hand whenever we can.”

It seems James was made for a career outdoors. His favourite part of the job is cutting the grass in Summer. He said,

“When the sun is out and it’s warm, there’s nothing better. Sometimes residents bring us out a cold drink or a lolly when it’s really hot. Everybody wants our job in the Summer, they’re not so keen in the Winter, when it’s cold and snowing outside!”

Right now, James is busy picking up leaves. The estate he looks after has over 400 mature trees, and they produce a lot of leaves which can cause many issues when they fall, including blocking drains. Luckily James is on hand to keep things in check.

James said the best part about working for the company is the staff. He said,

“The team all help each other out. Preim also offers a good work life balance, creating a happier work force, which delivers better results. The previous jobs I’ve had have not been like that at all.”

“Despite being 71 miles away from head office, we are always made to feel part of the team, joining in on the morning Zoom calls and office events.”

As a dad of two young girls, James is kept equally as busy outside of work!

He is a keen runner, and last year completed a 24-hour running race for breast cancer charity Little Lifts, covering 100 miles. He’s also tried his hand at modelling, taking part in a fashion show for the same charity, strutting down the catwalk in front of 200 people. This year he’s hoping to take on another big run to raise even more money for charity – and who knows, perhaps another walk down the modelling runway!

Thanks for all your brilliant work, James.