Customer satisfaction reviews | Preim Estates management

Monday 21st February 2022

Thank you to our customers for sharing their positive reviews


Working within a very challenging sector makes receiving positive feedback and reviews from satisfied customers even more important.  

At Preim, we very much pride ourselves on providing industry leading levels of customer service.  

We are aware that there will often be times when our customers need our help. This could be anything from a question regarding a service charge budget, to reporting an urgent maintenance query on their estate. Our team of Customer Account Managers and Assistant Customer Account Managers are fully committed to providing a prompt and personable response to queries which Preim receives.  

We are very grateful to all the customers who take the time to share their positive feedback with us.  

Here are just a few …. 

I sent my email on 01/02/22 @ 12.36. I received a response from Amanda Jex, Customer Account Manager at 17.05 the very same day. The reply was not only quick but very helpful as she provided a contact number and email address within MoD who are responsible for repairing the pothole. Thank you, Amanda.


My issue with another tenant was dealt with quickly and professionally. It was taken seriously which was really important to me. I was kept up to date with information regarding my complaint.


A very friendly and responsive team which has handled all matters in a very prompt and professional manner. I have been dealing with them for the past 10 years and they have been great throughout.


From my call in the morning to meeting the electrician later in the day was great, the problem was fixed ASAP. Thank you.