Creating your natural habitat

Thursday 4th June 2015

10 bat roost boxes, 15 songbird nest boxes, two barn owl nest boxes, insect shelters, habitat refuges, breeding and feeding sites for butterflies, birds, amphibians, brown hares, badgers, field mice and other small mammals.…along with 97 traditionally designed homes for people!

This is what Tadpole Garden Village is all about – living in harmony with nature, surrounded by wildlife, with healthy biodiversity and a balanced ecology.

The natural habitats of Tadpole Garden Village


Crest is working with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust to ensure that, when our first human residents arrive, they will find our green spaces full of wildlife and interest, as well as fantastic leisure and educational opportunities. We’re retaining important hedgerows that provide shelter, food and access to many species, green corridors and buffer zones that allow wildlife to live freely and undisturbed by intrusive sound or light.

The Nature Park, some 60 hectares in total, includes mature and newly created broad-leaved woodlands and species-rich meadows, and a circular green footpath will meander through it and along the banks of the River Ray.

Stephen Davis of Wiltshire Wildlife Trust says,

‘This is a wonderful opportunity to restore wildflower meadows to the floodplain of the River Ray for the benefit of wildlife and people. We look forward to working with the community and school at Tadpole Garden Village to provide a range opportunities for the community to engage with nature, and all the benefits that brings.’

A view of the meadow which is part of Tadpole Garden Village

All this will be maintained and managed by Preim to ensure the natural area remains sustainable and enjoyable for all residents in TGV.