Creating a community at Tadpole Garden Village

Friday 11th November 2016

Whether it’s creating spaces that people are proud of, empowering residents or creating a legacy, a lot of work goes into building a community.

Tadpole Garden Village is a great example of work being done to help foster a new community. A Crest Nicholson development just outside Swindon, Tadpole Garden Village demonstrates how important a real investment in community can be – and the great results it can achieve.

In the last few weeks Tadpole Garden Village has been busy with events that are helping to shape a community. Along with the Community Interest Company, Crest Nicholson and other stakeholders, Preim’s community mobiliser Chris Tanner has been central to making these events happen.

A new bus route to Swindon – Sunday 6th November

Holding true to the principles of a garden village, the Crest Nicholson development has prioritised the necessary infrastructure. With schools, a Village Centre, leisure and healthcare facilities and much more, Tadpole Garden Village has focussed on being a thriving, self-sufficient community.

The introduction of a new bus route from the garden village through to the centre of Swindon reflects this investment in infrastructure.

Launching two years ahead of schedule, the new bus route aims to help connect the Tadpole Garden Village with the centre of Swindon – and in great timing for any Christmas shopping!

Bus Launch Tadpole Garden Village

Buses are now running every 30 minutes between Tadpole Garden Village and the town centre of Swindon.

Not only is the newly launched bus route a great addition for the village’s residents, it’s also a positive step for the long-term by providing a mode of transport that is more sustainable and better for the environment.

Find out more about the launch of the new bus route on the Tadpole Garden Village website or in this news article in the Swindon Advertiser.

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust Planting Day – Saturday 5th November

Alongside building connected communities, it’s important garden villages are places where residents want to live – and a big part of that is creating green space and a legacy the community can be proud of.

On Saturday 5th November 2016, around 15 Tadpole Garden Village residents came out to help the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust plant a new wildflower meadow as part of the Coronation Meadow project, launched by HRH The Prince of Wales in June 2013.

The Coronation Meadow initiative aimed to introduce a flagship ancient wildflower meadow identified in every county to mark the anniversary of The Queen’s Coronation. Today there are 88 Coronation Meadows across the UK.

For Tadpole Garden Village residents, taking part in the scheme was a great opportunity – it was a chance to meet new neighbours, nurture the village’s surrounding green space and create a legacy for the community in years to come.

Read more about the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust Planting Day on the Tadpole Garden Village website.

Upcoming events

Community events at Tadpole Garden Village are plentiful in the coming months too with Christmas drinks, carol services and Christmas shopping days organised. Chris, Preim’s community mobiliser at Tadpole Garden Village, is busy making sure events are lined up for 2017 too, along with bringing together community groups.

These sorts of events are integral to the building of any community, especially at a garden village. At Preim we don’t simply manage estates but we also help developers achieve their garden village vision, through the likes of the community building demonstrated at Tadpole Garden Village.