Connecting with the residents at the Whittlesey Green estate

Tuesday 19th July 2022


As a Managing Agents, we put communication at the forefront of our business, because we recognise the importance of building honest, open and long-term relationships with the people who live on Preim managed estates.

Currently the whole world is connected online, that’s why we have a dedicated team for each estate behind our email, so that the residents can contact us easily wherever they are. However, now more than ever, we believe that it is crucial to have a face-to-face contact with our customers where we can work through any queries together, and our customers have the opportunity to put a face to a name, and meet the person accountable for managing their estate to help build the relationship.



Recently, a surgery at Allison Homes’ Whittlesey Green estate, Preim’s Customer Account Manager for the development hosted an ‘surgeries’ event where residents could book a time slot with them discuss in person any questions they may have about the management of their estate. These surgery events take place in addition to each estates annual residents meeting.

We will be doing lots more surgery events in the near future, as a way of increasing our visibility and accessibility to our customers.