Building Strong Communities with CDM Compliance

Thursday 4th April 2024

When it comes to residential estate management, adhering to Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM) regulations is paramount.s

At Preim, we’ve integrated CDM regulations seamlessly into our systems and processes to ensure that only contractors of the utmost competency undertake construction work for us, safeguarding the safety and quality of our estates. We also ensure that, where required Duty Holders are assigned, such as a Principal Designer & Principal Contractor.

We understand that the CDM regulations are not common knowledge to resident RMC Directors. We take great pride in advising and educating our clients on how to achieve full compliance with CDM across their estate works.

Why are CDM regulations so important and how do we build them into our everyday operations?

  1. CDM regulations mandate health and safety compliance, necessitating residential estate managers to integrate safety protocols into project design, planning, and execution. We recognise the importance of identifying and managing the risks associated with construction activities, which directly impact residents and estate staff.
  2. Effective project planning and management are imperative too. As managing agents we ensure all parties fulfil their responsibilities, from appointing competent designers and contractors to providing essential information to the construction team.
  3. Risk management remains at the forefront of our operations. We diligently assess and mitigate risks associated with construction activities, implementing robust control measures and fostering transparent communication to prevent accidents or incidents.
  4. Facilitating communication and coordination is another pivotal aspect. We prioritise seamless interaction between contractors, designers, residents, and stakeholders to ensure construction activities proceed safely and with minimal disruption.
  5. Furthermore, comprehensive documentation and record-keeping are non-negotiable. From risk assessments to incident reports, we maintain meticulous records to demonstrate regulatory compliance and facilitate future estate maintenance.

CDM regulations are integral to our approach to effective and safe residential estate management, ensuring that construction activities within our estates are efficiently executed, and prioritise the well-being of all stakeholders.