A Cost-Efficient Redecoration Project at Kilnwood Vale

Tuesday 23rd April 2024

Our estate managers take pride in maintaining the consistent aesthetic appeal and functionality of the properties they manage, so the properties always look the very best for the people living in them.

Recently, we undertook a large redecoration project across six blocks of apartments, each with 6 to 12 apartments per block, at the Kilnwood Vale development near Horsham.

Due to the natural wear and tear of buildings, our standard practice is to refresh and redecorate every 5 to 7 years. Meticulous ongoing budget management and planning is crucial to ensure this essential work can be carried out on schedule and keep the buildings looking fresh.

When we were drafting the specification for the works, we used harder wearing paint to ensure a wipe clean finish, which should mean the newly painted walls will stay looking newer for longer.

During this redecoration project, one block in particular presented a unique challenge. Despite the need for internal redecoration, residents expressed a strong preference for exterior cladding cleaning, instead.

In residential blocks, a common problem is chipped paint and minor damage to doors from residents moving furniture in and out. One solution is to install plastic corner coverings to prevent any further damage. However, after careful consideration and discussions with the contractor, we adjusted the scope of internal works so funds could be allocated for the requested exterior cleaning.

We are now in the process of obtaining quotes for this exterior cleaning to ensure residents get the very best quality of cleaning for the best value.

The redecoration project at Kilnwood Vale demonstrates our dedication to maintaining our properties to the highest standards. With careful planning, expert budgeting and effective collaboration with residents and trusted contractors, we can ensure that every project, no matter the scale, exceeds expectations.