Creating a food co-operative for Oakham Heights, Rutland



“Growing a food economy, with production and distribution being centred on a small area, brings social, environmental, health, economic and cultural benefits”(Organiclea, Lea Valley, Epping Forest)

Preim supported Larkfleet Homes in utilising the new allotments on the development (provided as part of a section 106 obligation) to create a valuable community asset that also assists future home sales.

Working with the Land Sustainability Trust, Preim has enabled this new community to begin to develop a local food growing co-operative and an edible landscape that achieves the following:

  • the capacity within the community to grow their own fruit and vegetables
  • reduction of  food miles by growing local
  • a focus on more exotic crops or those where it is cheaper to grow than buy

The main principle behind any community run co-operative is that it should bring people together to share time, skills and knowledge; as well as sharing produce they have grown themselves.

Creating a local food co-opAllotment food co-ops
  Creating a food co-op