How Preim's community asset stewardship model is evolving.

Good governance of infrastructure

How Preim's community asset stewardship model is evolving

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Giving people control over their environment

Using Preim’s customer-driven approach – Annington Homes

Preim has been partnering with Annington Homes for more than 14 years. This is a relationship that continues to develop and grow as we evolve our management services into an enduring and pro-active contribution to the Annington communities.

Background to our working relationship

Annington Homes is the UK’s largest private landlord and market leader in the sale of second hand homes. It bought the MoD’s former Married Quarters, an estate of approximately 57,000 houses, in 1996, and leases back the properties to the MoD.  When the MoD no longer needs the properties, they are returned to Annington for sale, rental or redevelopment.

Many of these released estates have private infrastructure such as roads, sewers, utilities and areas of open space. Annington created a residents’ company for each estate, to facilitate the communal ownership of this private infrastructure by the residents.

It was important to manage these assets in a way that would provide reassurance to existing residents and future purchasers and, at the same time, create communities where people would choose to live.

Why use Preim

Although they have the skills to deliver this service in-house, Annington believes that Preim, with its customer-driven support services background and infrastructure expertise, is better equipped to provide the services required.

Preim is managing agent for Annington’s portfolio of over 9,000 properties on 125 estates and provides a wide range of services.


“Preim are at the heart of our business and fundamental to our sales and estate management strategies.

“The contract is more than just a property and infrastructure management contract, it is about people and the need to deliver a very customer focused service.

“Preim really understands this and I would have no hesitation recommending them to support other developer led projects.””

Nick Vaughan
Director, Annington Homes

Seeing the Preim service in action

At Coltishall, a mixed-tenure Annington Homes estate near Norwich, our two full-time caretakers are passionate about the 50 acres of green spaces, woodland and other infrastructure that they look after on behalf of all the residents.

At Arborfield Mews in Wokingham, Preim has been assisting the handed over residents’ company in resolving its limited parking issues – a good example of empowering localism.