St Eval Park

St Eval Park is a Cornish development with a strong sense of community drive and huge value placed on the surrounding natural environment. Working with this community, Preim has been able to support residents to realise their own vision for the changing development.

The Cornish estate is a great example of how Preim’s relationship with homeowners has developed further once the development has been handed over to homeowner/stakeholder control.

Empowering residents to create a place they are proud to call home

St Eval Park is the perfect example of a community ownership model supporting placemaking and delivering community engagement. After a littered and unkempt parcel of land became property of the Trevikser St Eval community interest company (TSECIC), Preim supported residents to transform this land into a space that is of “interest and benefit to the community, environment, producing education and enhancing community spirit.”

The result is astounding – with residents showing the true power of community and green space over several months of hard work.

Read about the project here

Providing the infrastructure needed to fulfil a community project

Tapping into our experience managing and administering other CIC’s, along with our extensive expertise in community green space management, Preim was able to support the St Eval Park community with advice from setting up a sub-committee through to financial advice to ensure funding for the project is properly managed.

The St Eval Park Land project is just one of many examples of Preim’s experience in supporting communities of all shapes and sizes, whilst also ensuring developers leave a positive legacy and an engaged community.

Green space management and placekeeping at St Eval Park

As the managing agent for St Eval Parc, Preim is also responsible for maintaining the green spaces and community amenities that are owned by the St Eval Parc Residents Company Ltd: the community-led company that is managed by St Eval Parc residents and responsible for overseeing where and how residents’ service charges are spent. The maintenance of community amenities will be directed by the RMC and delivered by Preim.

As a result, Preim has also helped to empower residents to make further changes to their community, from introducing new speed management at key roads, to looking for ways to manage anti-social behaviour. At each step of the way, Preim has been on hand to support the RMC and new CIC and the community’s residents to shape their development.

If you are a developer, keen to learn more about a community-ownership model and placemaking initiatives, contact Andrew New, director at Preim. Andrew would be delighted to hear from you: +44 (0)1778 382210