Assistant Customer Account Manager – Peterborough

The role of Assistant to the Customer Account Manager’s (ACAM) is a highly important one within Preim. The actions of the ACAM will have a direct impact on our clients and customers, and occasionally will involve administrating large works resulting in significant aesthetic changes on estates. Therefore the ACAM must be responsible and accountable. The ACAM plays a key role in ensuring the correct implementation of the Client Delivery teams administrative workload, and ensuring the CAM’s are free to undertake the more high risk, complex and strategic management tasks across their portfolio. The ACAM’s workload is split into 4 areas:

  1. General Duties
  2. Support CAM’s
  3. Supply Chain
  4. Role Based Personal Development


General Duties

  • Be the ‘first point of contact’ for phone calls which come in to the ‘Helpdesk’ and promptly ensure that emails into the ‘Helpdesk’ address are forwarded on to the relevant staff member. Always provide outstanding and flawless customer service.
  • Ensure all communication and documentation is logged appropriately in Qube.
  • Assist in drafting communications to residents, contractors and developer clients.
  • Undertake mail merges and subsequent enveloping and posting.
  • Ensure all documentation is filed in the correct place on both Qube & the P:drive.
  • Assume responsibility with fellow ACAM for ensuring tasks on ‘Office Administration Tasks List’ are completed.
  • Assist the Directors and other senior staff where required.

Support Customer Account Manager

  • Handle contacts from residents from ‘first point of contact’ through to completion (take ownership), always ensuring correct administration on Qube (call logging, sending orders, completing calls and orders).
  • Ensure that contacts are handled promptly and professionally, and that residents are always kept up to date where required.
  • Organise minor works on behalf of CAM’s. Liaise with contractors to obtain best value for money and ensure high standard of work.
  • Organise Steering Committee, RMC Director and shareholder meetings on behalf of the CAM’s, ensuring meeting bookings procedure is followed. Attend shareholder meetings of interest, or when CAM requires additional support.
  • Ensure CAM’s are informed of any complaints or identified potential complaint situations immediately, and assist CAM in ensuring swift remediation.
  • Undertake ‘Adhoc inspections’ and attend site to meet contractors when required.
  • Assist CAM’s in ensuring each estate has an up to date ‘Planned Maintenance Schedule’.
  • Assume ‘Deputy CAM’ role during times of CAM sickness or annual leave.
  • Monitor and support CAM’s in ensuring efficient management and administration of their portfolio (i.e. adequate funds, no outstanding jobs/calls, swift response, estate looks great).
  • Assist in the taking on of new estates. Ensure all necessary contracts are in place and the required paperwork (plans etc) are obtained and filed quickly and correctly.
  • Ensure all property information on Qube is correct and up to date. Especially access information.
  • Assist CAM’s in other areas where required and be familiar with size, layout and history of the portfolio on which you work.

Supply Chain

  • Ensure all works orders are issued only once works are approved by CAM / RMC Directors where required, and only once multiple quotations have been obtained for larger works or where appropriate.
  • Assist in large tendering exercises for bulk / high value contracts or one-off works. Negotiate with contractors.
  • Arrange and attend meetings with contractors to discuss works / contracts. Meetings may occur pre-works, during works or post works.
  • Identify areas where new suppliers are required. Source appropriate reputable suppliers and gain references.
  • Work with Purchase Ledger to set up new contractors and administer existing contractors on Qube. Ensure all contractor information is adequate and up to date.
  • Act as an intermediary between contractors and residents / RMC Directors / Steering Committee’s where required.
  • Monitor the work of contractors against the specification from which they are working. Liaise with contractors when they are not performing or when complaints are received. Ensure any issues are resolved swiftly.

Role Based Personal Development

  • Gain an understanding of the finances of an estate and how this is represented in Qube (i.e. committed funds, creditors and debtors, accounts, budgets, deficits, surpluses, reserve funds etc.) Understand relevant legislation.
  • Work closely with the CAM’s in order to acquire and develop the skills and knowledge in order to progress to become a CAM. Strengthen knowledge base and skill set in order to be able to fulfil your role (i.e. utilities, planning, land ownership and transfer, the trades, company law, health and safety).
  • Works towards and obtain IRPM qualification (affiliate, associate or member).
  • Works towards or obtain other relevant qualifications.
  • Develop fluency and in depth understanding of using Qube, and how, when used correctly, it is highly beneficial and leads to increased productivity and professionalism.

If you are interested in applying for this role, please submit your CV and covering letter to